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Maryland Green Burial is a Maryland based company set up to oversee the implimentation and authentication of green or “natural” burials held in both urban and rural cemeteries in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.  Maryland green burial is designed to set particular guidelines in order to preserve the beauty of the natural settings in accordance with utilizing materials deemed as natural that are used in and with the funeral and burial service. 

 green burial will ensure that natural materials are used in the burial process and that those material are either biodegradable or exist naturally in the Delmarva region. 

What is "Green Burial"?

Green Burial is an environmentally friendly burial option, free from the carbon emissions produced through the cremation process or the land commitment of traditional cemeteries. A green burial takes place in a "green cemetery" or "natural burial ground". Burial vaults and traditional embalming chemicals are not used. A fully biodegradable casket made from sustainable materials is placed directly into the earth where nature is allowed to take its course.

Maryland Green Burial aspires to recongize affiliated cemeteries and organizations along with those not affiliated with MGB. 




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