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Why Go Green

 Green Burial has been around since the beginning of time.


Green Burial is the natural deterioration of human remains in a way that minimizes our impact on the environment.  In a Green Burial, bodies are unembalmed, with consideration that a family may select embalming products that are environmentally friendly.  Refrigeration is utilized while permits are obtained, relatives gathered, and services planned.  Biodegradable caskets, coffins, and encasements are used.  These may be made from wicker, wood, paper, cloth or other biodegradable materials. The burial site deemed "green" or "natural" is usually a pasture, a nature preserve, or an area in a cemetery sectioned off to be utilized for natural burial only.  The grave is usually hand dug without the use of a backhoe or other mechanical device, and the remains are placed in the earth without the utilization of a burial vault.  Burial sites are usually sectioned off through the use of GPS, stone markers, or other naturally occurring methods (plants, shrubs, boulders, etc...).  When choosing "green" or "natural" burial upon the death of your loved one, your first contact should be the funeral home of choice.  Included under locations section are funeral homes and cemeteries that offer "green" or "natural" burial and are willing to obtain and file the legal paperwork.  

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